Stem Cell Gum Injection Treatment



Stem Cell Gum Injection Treatment

The stem cell gum injection treatment at Dream Body Clinic is performed by our skilled oral surgeon Dr. Gustavo Covarrubias. The stem cell gum injection treatment is used for many gum related diseases and issues. The most common ailment we treat with the stem cell gum injection treatment is receding gums. Other issues we see are infected implants, implants that are causing nerve pain, gingivitis and other related issues. The stem cell gum injections will help relieve nerve pain, boost the immune system to fight off bacteria or infection and guide cellular regeneration in the mouth. We will go over each of these issues on this page.

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Stem Cell Gum Injection Treatment Procedure

Dr. Gustavo uses 25 million mesenchymal stem cells when doing the stem cell gum injection treatment. He spreads the injections throughout the upper and lower gums. He injects to the upper gums then to the lower gums.

Before any stem cells are applied he swabs the gums with an anesthetic cream to numb the gums. This makes the whole procedure virtually painless.

How Stem Cells help Receding Gums

Stem Cells help receding gums by guiding the cellular regeneration of the tissue. The mesenchymal stem cells send out cytokines which are signalling proteins that guide cells to repair. Receding gums is a very common problem and makes periodontal work very difficult. Many periodontists and oral surgeons have to rely on grafts to complete procedures because of patients with receding gums. We initially became aware that mesenchymal stem cells could help regenerate gums because many patients that had done the Stem Cell IV Treatment reported back that gum restoration was a side effect of treatment. We then decided to consult with Dr. Gustavo and then began experimenting with direct gum injections. Results have been great over the past year and we now offer this as a treatment.

Stem Cell Gum Injection Treatment for Gingivitis

The Stem Cell Gum Injection Treatment for Gingivitis works by boosting the immune system and eliminating inflammation. As plaque builds up and gingivitis forms, inflammation starts to flare up in the gums. By injecting mesenchymal stem cells we are able to first help the immune system to fight off the bacterial biofilms. These bacterial biofilms, better known as dental plaque are what lead to the gum inflammation disease of gingivitis. As we age we have fewer and fewer mesenchymal stem cells to guide the immune system in fighting back this biofilm. The stem cells will help the immune system fight back and fix the underlying cause of the inflammation. Patients with gingivitis must adhere to strict oral hygiene protocols laid out by Dr. Gustavo to achieve complete remission.

Stem Cell Gum Injection Treatment for Nerve Pain

The Stem Cell Gum Injection Treatment for nerve pain works by sending out neurotrophic factors that help regenerate nerves. We often see patients that have had dental implants that did not set right or were not done properly. In these cases inflammation, infection and nerve pain can all be present. The stem cell gum injection treatment can deal with all of these issues. For nerve pain we focus the full 10 million stem cells in close proximity to the pain. Pain reduction typically starts within days and often full nerve pain relief is had within weeks or months.

How to Book the Stem Cell Gum Injection Treatment

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