Trigeminal Neuralgia Stem Cell Treatment



Trigeminal Neuralgia Stem Cell Treatment

The Trigeminal Neuralgia Stem Cell Treatment consists of a direct injection of mesenchymal stem cells to the trigeminal nerve and an intrathecal injection of mesenchymal stem cells to affect the central nervous system. The direct shot to the trigeminal nerve consists of 25 million stem cells and the intrathecal injection is 50 million stem cells. The direct shot to the trigeminal nerve will quickly get to work healing the cause of the pain. The stem cells will send out neurotrophic factors that will guide neurons to regenerate the damaged nerves. This will eliminate the nerve pain very fast. Most patients see nerve pain relief within weeks, while outliers can take up to 3 months for full nerve pain relief. We also include the intrathecal injection so that we can help the central nervous system to heal in the same way. The stem cells will travel up the spinal fluid and repair any nerve damage to the spinal cord and vagus nerve. There is a strong connection between the central nervous system and peripheral neuralgia so by targeting both areas with mesenchymal stem cells we provide the highest chance of pain relief that will last.

How long will the Results from Trigeminal Neuralgia Stem Cell Treatment Last?

Fortunately results from the Trigeminal Neuralgia Stem Cell Treatment seem to last long term. This is because the stem cells actually repair and regenerate the nerves. So unless the nerves are damaged again the pain free results will last indefinitely.

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Trigeminal Neuralgia Stem Cell Treatment Process

  • We start with a full blood analysis the day before treatment
  • The doctor sterilizes the facial area for injection
  • The nurse prepares a syringe with 25 million mesenchymal stem cells then the Doctor injects to the trigeminal nerve area
  • For Intrathecal the procedure is done in our clean room
  • The patients back is sterilized with iodine and microdasyn.
  • The nurse prepares the syringe with 50 million mesenchymal stem cells
  • The doctor performs intrathecal application of the stem cells
  • Both treatments take about 30 minutes in total to perform

Side Effects or Risks

The only side effects that have been documented are the following:

  • Some patients may experience a slight fever and/or nausea after treatment that can last up to 72 hours
  • Some patients will have a headache a few hours after treatment or the following days. Some patients may experience a headache due to increased pressure in the cerebral spinal fluid. We provide tramacet to help reduce or eliminate these possible side effects.
  • The intrathecal injection can cause back pain or muscle spasms, but this is a rare side effect.
  • Any injection treatment has a very small risk of infection. We do everything in a sterile environment with sterile equipment to take this risk to almost zero.

Our doctors have over 8 years performing intrathecal injections and our lab has over 8 years specializing in Mesenchymal Stem Cell research. See Stem Cell Certification by Clicking Here.

Trigeminal Neuralgia Stem Cell Treatment Studies

There have been a lot of studies done on intrathecal stem cell injection treatments. As you will see below these treatments have been very successful which is why we offer this.

Intrathecal Stem Cell Application

Dr. Giovanna Dr. Oscar Intrathecal Stem Cells


Dr. Giovanna and Dr. Oscar are both licensed anesthesiologists. In Mexico, where Dream Body Clinic is located an intrathecal injection can only be done by an anesthesiologist. This is because of the specialized training needed to know the correct location of an intrathecal injection and technique. The intrathecal injection sounds painful and dangerous, but it is actually a very easy and minimally invasive procedure. For optimal results it is the most studied and most highly recommended application point for brain issues.

So How do Mesenchymal Stem Cells Work?

Mesenchymal Stem cell therapies work by stimulating the body to regenerate itself. Their magic is not in their ability to become or replace different tissues or cells, but in their production of trophic factors, bioactive molecules produced in response to the environment in which the cells are in. These secreted chemicals aid in repairing tissue and the recruitment of new blood vessels to support nutrient flow to the area and decrease inflammation. By repairing tissue, recruiting new blood vessels and increased nutrient flow your body will start to behave the way it is meant to operate. So it is not the cells themselves that work the magic. It is what the cells secrete that has such medicinal potential. This is called the paracrine effect. We like to think of the mesenchymal stem cells as the managers on the construction site, guiding the workers to repair the building.

More info on the Mesenchymal Stem Cell Secretions

Mesenchymal Stem cells (MSCs) secrete a wide range of cellular products, molecules, exosomes and microvesicles That act in different ways to stimulate the body’s healing process. For nerve damage the main secretion that you want are neurotrophic factors. The neurotrophic factors will guide neurons in helping to regenerate damaged nerves.

trigeminal neuralgia stem cell treatment