Dream Body Clinic Activity Recommendations

Vallarta Adventures

This is the premier adventure company in all of Mexico. They were founded in Puerto Vallarta and this is where they have the most tours. All of their activities, tours and adventures are top notch and we highly recommend them. It is usually best to book these activities after you receive your itinerary from us. That way your adventures won’t interfere with treatment.

Puerto Vallarta Zoo

The Puerto Vallarta Zoo is south of downtown Puerto Vallarta. So it can be anywhere from a 30 to 60 minute drive, but it is really worth it for animal lovers. The zoo itself is fun and low cost. They give you a bag of food and you can feed many of the animals. An ostrich will eat out of your hand if you are brave enough or a giraffe will give you a kiss if you put a carrot in your mouth. The highlight though costs a bit extra. They have a wildcat breeding program and for around $100 usd you can play with baby tigers, jaguars and lions for 30 minutes.

It is best to take an uber or taxi to the zoo if you don’t have a car.


vallarta-zoo flamingos dream body clinic
giraffe puerto vallarta zoo dream body clinic
monkeys puerto vallarta zoo dream body clinic

Rancho El Charro

Rancho el Charro is the best horseback riding experience in town. They have a few options on the length of the ride, but all of their tours explore follow a beautiful river through the jungle. You will get to ride slowly into the Sierra Madre mountains that surround Puerto Vallarta.


Predator Movie Set Zipline Tour

Visit the set of the greatest action movie ever made. Predator was filmed in the mountains above Puerto Vallarta and the old movie set is now a great zipline tour and restaurant. The restaurant is on a beautiful river in the jungle and it has a rope swing into the deep part of the river. If you are a military veteran then it is mandatory that you go to complete your training, by getting to da choppa!



Puerto Vallarta has 3 great surf breaks inside the bay and 1 outside the bay. The 3 inside the bay are all located near Punta de Mita and the 1 outside is in the town of Sayulita. The following surf breaks are listed in order of largest to smallest waves:

La Launcha Surf Break – https://goo.gl/maps/GgHQJMuBD7RyVgqH7?coh=178571&entry=tt

Punta Burros Surf Break – https://goo.gl/maps/vPon3QoTocSxo31K7?coh=178571&entry=tt

Sayulita Surf Break – https://goo.gl/maps/PHyr2NtG2cwq1yhe8?coh=178571&entry=tt

Punta Mita Surf Break – https://goo.gl/maps/UXGCMdp1VtQePXZm7?coh=178571&entry=tt