Step 1: Call us for a Free Consultation at (833) 445-9089

Step 2: Arrange Flights and Hotel. We are currently 3 week out on treatments that require an MRI. All other treatments require 1 week notice.

WE ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR TREATMENT ON THE FOLLOWING DAYS DUE TO HOLIDAY SCHEDULES: January 1, February 5, March 21, Easter Weekend, May 1, September 16, October 12, November 2, November 20, Dec 7 to 11th, Dec 24th-26th

We only do treatments Tuesday – Saturday. We would need you in town for 5 days if an MRI is required or 4 days for any other treatment:
Day 1 – arrive and rest
Day 2 – Bloodwork and MRI
Day 3 – Review MRI (Treatment day if no MRI)
Day 4 – Treatment (Fly Home if no MRI)
Day 5 – Fly home

We provide airport and clinic transportation, but flights and hotel are up to you. Here is a list of great hotels nearby.
Hotels –

If you are coming just for medications then it is a 3 day Trip:

Day 1 – arrive and rest

Day 2 – Bloodwork in the morning. We get results around 5pm and then meet with the doctor to review and prescribe the medicines

Day 3 – Fly Home

Step 3: Fill out the Booking Form –

Please have your flights, hotel and treatments ready when you fill out the booking form. We only schedule patients once this form has been filled out and confirmed. We look at the booking form as comparable to a deposit because it shows a commitment to come and we commit to having treatment and transportation set for you. We take payment when you are at the clinic on the morning that we do bloodwork for all treatments. This is because the stem cells must be cultivated the day before treatment.

Step 4: Fill out our Medical History Form –

This is required by COFEPRIS, the health board in Mexico.

Booking Treatment at Dream Body Clinic