How to Book for Sexual Health Stem Cell Treatment

Step 1: Call us for a Free Consultation at (307) 461-5393 or for P Shot, V Shot or Prostate Treatments. Once you have flights and hotel fill out this form – Booking Form –

Step 2: We need patients to arrange their flights and accommodations to get scheduled. The following are criteria for treatment times.

We can be anywhere from 1 week to 1 month out for new patients. We are very busy right now and the schedule is constantly changing as more patients book. So we need you to contact us to go over potential dates for treatment and we can then confirm if we have availability before you buy flights and accommodations.

We only do treatments Tuesday – Saturday. We would need you in town for 4 days.

  • Day 1 – Arrive and rest
  • Day 2 – Bloodwork & Payment
  • Day 3 – Treatment
  • Day 4 – Fly Home

WE ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR TREATMENT ON THE FOLLOWING DAYS DUE TO HOLIDAY SCHEDULES: January 1, February 5, March 20, Easter Weekend, May 1, July 28 to August 4th, September 16, November 2, November 20, Dec 16th to January 2nd.

Flights and hotel are up to you.

We provide airport and clinic transportation

Step 3: Arrange Flights & Hotel then fill out our Booking Form

The booking form requires that you have flights and hotel set up. The criteria above gives guidelines for booking. We need you to call us back at (307) 461-5393 to confirm the dates you would like to come for treatment are available. We are very busy, but availability depends on patient load that week. We could be anywhere from 1 to 2 months out for new appointments depending on how busy the schedule is so please call us or email us dates you are interesting in coming. You can email request treatment dates at Please do not book flights and hotel before confirming with us as we reserve the right do deny treatment if there is not space. We try to keep things fair by guaranteeing treatment spaces for the people that book the furthest in advance. So please plan carefully and confirm with us. Please fill out the following booking form the same day that you arrange flights and hotel because we need the booking form submitted to have guaranteed space for your treatment.

Step 4: A team member from Dream Body Clinic will call you after receiving your forms and verify that everything is correct. They will also send you a link to a personalized medical history form. This form is required by COFEPRIS, the Mexican health board. Our admin team will then email over an itinerary with transportation and treatment schedules.

Please Note: If a patient forgets to inform of us of a medical condition such as cancer that would negatively impact treatment then our medical staff has the right to refuse treatment. We will always do what is best for the patients health and in rare cases that may include refusing treatment. We do not treat any patients that have had cancer within the past 5 years.

Please make sure the Booking Form is Filled out or we will not have a space available for you –

Booking Form –

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How to Book Sexual Health Stem Cell Treatment