Certified Stem Cells

Dream Body Clinic only provides certified human mesenchymal stem cells that are the highest quality certified stem cells. Our Lab is certified to produce stem cells and certified as a stem cell cryo-bank. We are also licensed to practice regenerative medicine. These 3 permits are from COFEPRIS (Mexico’s FDA). All 3 are listed further down on this page. This guarantees that they have the highest quality standards in the collection, expansion and application of mesenchymal stem cells. This is to ensure a highly safe product that is free of pathogens. Our quality control is based on good manufacturing practices and the standards recommended by the International Society of Cell Therapy and the Latin American Mesenchymal Stem Cell Society of which we are members. We expand to the 3rd round which is a 9 day process, using a xeno-free culturing medium. The laboratory enters the qualification of ISO 7 (Cleanroom), which mean they meet the necessary requirements to make injectable products. We have specialized equipment such as binder brand incubators and laminar flow hoods that guarantee the complete innocuousness of the cellular product. The cells are obtained from Wharton Jelly (Umbilical Tissue) and Placenta tissue which is extracted from previously selected donors under a rigorous medical screening that includes complete clinical history, serologic tests (HIV, Hepatitis C and B, syphilis, and Chagas), with high inclusion criteria so that they can be candidates for the donation. Once the sample has been obtained, several studies evaluated by third-party laboratories authorized by COFEPRIS are carried out, such as flow cytometry, microbiological tests (mycoplasma and endotoxins). Another step to our certified stem cells is that we do not take Wharton Jelly or Placenta from mothers that have had the Covid Vaccine. We feel that further study should be done on these before we take tissue from mothers that have had it due to the MRNA involved.

Example of Stem Cell Analysis Below:

Below are our Licenses and Documentation for our Clinic and Lab