TRT 200mg Testosterone Cream 1 Year Package



TRT 200mg Testosterone Cream

This is a 1 year supply of 200mg Testosterone Cream for Testosterone Replacement Therapy


18 Bottles of 200mg Bio-Identical Testosterone, compounded into a cream

2 Boxes of Arimidex 28 pills

Tired of Injecting Testosterone?

Testosterone Cream is one of the best alternatives to weekly injections. You simply pump the bottle twice and apply the cream to your skin. The most effective area is your scrotum, but arms or legs work as well. The only issue with arms is that when you sweat it can rub off on others you touch. This treatment will get you up to the same total testosterone levels as injectable Testosterone.

Blood Analysis

We start with a comprehensive blood panel to check health and hormone levels. We are then able to prescribe the testosterone cream by Dr. Romo. In some cases an aromatase inhibitor such as anastrazol is also prescribed. Anastrazol inhibits the free testosterone from binding and becoming estroidal. Estroidal is your estrogen levels and for men we want to keep it under control to prevent any gynecomastia or mood swings.

Arimidex – Anastrazol for Estrogen Build up

Free Testosterone is the free-bound testosterone in your system. Using Testosterone cream will increase these levels. The free testosterone then binds with either globulin or aromatase. When it binds to globulin it turns into your total testosterone which is what your body uses for anabolic function which means more muscle. This level we try to get to around 8 – 12 ng/ml on the blood panel results. When the free testosterone binds to aromatase it does what is called aromatization. Aromatization is when it converts into estradiol which is your estrogen. High estradiol means you hold on to water weight and in extreme cases leads to gynecomastia (man boobs). We are able to prevent aromatization with arimidex (anastrazole). We prescribe 1mg per week to keep aromatization in check and estrogen to testosterone levels in balance. This package includes 56 pills which is enough for just over a year of TRT.

Flying Home with a Year Supply of Testosterone Cream

USA law allows you to seek medical treatment abroad and fly home with up to 50 dose units of medication. It does not specify what a dose unit is so we can prescribe the cream easily to meet the law requirements. For the Rest of the world it is a 90 day supply and we can easily fit the prescription to match that. The compounded testosterone cream is very stable at room temperature and will last for over a year.

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