Welcome to The Dreambody Clinic

Our goal is simple, to provide people from around the world, access to medications and treatments that are difficult or impossible to get in their country of residence. Dreambody Clinic is located in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico because of the low amount of restrictions and regulations on medications and medical treatments. We have worked with incredible attorneys and doctors to ensure that you can get the medication or medical treatments that you want.

We believe that big pharma has manipulated the system in most countries for their own gain and your pain. There is no big money in keeping people healthy for big pharma. They want treatments that you have to use continually and they can profit off of your pain for months or years on end. We provide medications and treatments that affect the root cause of issues instead of just cookie cutter fixes. Take a look at our HGH programs for healing and/or hormone replacement therapy. Investigate our mesenchymal stem cell procedures to revitalize your life or treat a host of various issues. Save a fortune on your teeth with our state of the art dental clinic where the prices are so low, you don’t need insurance.

The Dreambody Clinic Team is here to ensure that you get the care that you deserve.

Be Sure That You are Working WIth A Certified Doctor

Dreambody Clinic head physician works with Dr. Miguel Romo OB/GYN. He has been a licensed physician for 8 years and holds a specialty in Gynecology. He is certified in Stem Cell Therapies and platelet rich plasma (PRP). The lab we work with is cryovida (www.cryovida.com.mx) The only lab in Mexico with 3 laboratory certifications for stem cell cultivation and research.

Dr. Romo is also the brother in law of the founder of Cryovida, Dr. Jose Medina Flores. Dr. Romo has seen the progress of Cryovida over the past 16 years and worked at the lab for the last 3 years before coming to Dream Body Clinic.

Dr. Miguel Romo

Licensed Physician

Licensed OB/GYN

Certified in Mesenchymal Stem Cell Procedures

Certified in Platelette Rich Plasma