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Injectable L-Carnitine 5 Vials per box at 1g/5ml vial

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Injectable L-Carnitine can be used as a performance medication. Elevated levels of L-Carnitine helps muscle development and fat loss. New studies are also finding that it is very important for brain health. At Dream Body Clinic we offer L-Carnitine to improve results of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Weight Loss goals and Brain Function.

Injectable L-Carnitine for Muscle Development

Free Testosterone only makes up about 2% of the testosterone in the body, but it is the primary driver of muscle development. So the goal for most people looking to build more muscle is to increase free testosterone levels. Injectable L-Carnitine has been found to help increase Free Testosterone levels. In a groundbreaking, human clinical study that was later published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, researchers and scientists at the University of Connecticut’s Human Performance Laboratory tested the effects of L-Carnitine on its ability to enhance free-testosterone utilization. In the 21-day human clinical study, L-Carnitine increased the number of pre-workout androgen receptors compared to results produced by a placebo group.

Study Abstract: Journal Of Strength And Conditioning Research

Androgen receptors mediate the influence of free testosterone on protein synthesis, so an increase in the number of the body’s androgen receptors allows for enhanced utilization of training-induced free testosterone at the muscle fiber level.

L-Carnitine’s biological effects on androgen receptors is key in its ability to enhance the body’s physiological ability to draw more free testosterone into your muscle cells. By driving anabolic active testosterone directly into your muscles, you can subject your body to periods of massive muscle growth previously thought impossible.

But the indisputable research on L-Carnitine doesn’t stop there. In a 21-day human, clinical, placebo-controlled study that was later published in a leading American physiological journal, L-Carnitine supplementation supported muscle tissue regeneration. Among other measuring techniques, researchers used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), to test the effects of a 2 gram per day dose of L-Carnitine, enough to maximize plasma carnitine concentration, on a group of healthy, recreationally weight-trained men.

The results were astounding! L-Carnitine reduced exercise-induced catabolism (muscle breakdown), reduced free-radical generation, and minimized muscle tissue disruption compared to the placebo. In other words, L-Carnitine optimized a favorable anabolic recovery environment primed for dramatic muscle gains.


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Injectable L-Carnitine for Weight Loss

Injectable L-carnitine shots for weight loss, encourages the metabolism of fat by helping the transfer of fatty acids to the mitochondria. Mitochondria are like the engines of your cells and they produce ATP which is your energy. The L-Carnitine increases your body’s ability to release stored fat in the form of triglycerides. When triglycerides are broken down for energy you lose fat fast. This will make sticking to your diet easier because your energy will be up and you can do more fat burning activities like walking, running, sports, weight lifting and such.

L-Carnitine for Improved Brain Function

L-Carnitine is a great medication for helping the body in energy production and restoring dopamine function to the brain. These 2 features make it a great medication to compliment the stem cells and cerebrolysin for treatment.

This study is a great example of patients with Alzheimer’s / Dementia finding some improvement from L-Carnitine use.

These studies show how L-Carnitine can be used to for neuroprotection and to restore dopamine function:

L-Carnitine Dosing

1 gram of l-carnitine injected daily for 10 days. Then 500mg daily for 50 days. After this time frame of 60 days you need to take 30 days or more off before starting another 60 day cycle.

This cycle requires 7 boxes of Cardispan as each box contains 5 vials of 1g/5ml of L-carnitine. The first 10 days you will inject 1 vial (1g/5l) daily via intramuscular injection. Then days 11 through 60 you will inject half a vial daily. It is best to prepare the injection at this point by having 2 syringes ready. Fill each syringe up with 2.5ml. Inject the 1st syringe that day and store the 2nd in the fridge until the next day for injection. Then repeat this process until the last day.

What is Injectable L-Carnitine and why does it Require a Break After a Cycle?

Injectable L-carnitine is a supplement used for various purposes, including improving athletic performance, weight loss, and improving cognitive function. It helps the body produce energy by transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria, the cell’s powerhouses, where they can be burned for fuel.

When L-carnitine is administered via injection, it quickly enters the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. An injection effectively delivers a higher dose of L-carnitine compared to oral supplements, which can often have a lower absorption rate.

The reason injectable L-carnitine requires a break after a cycle is due to potential side effects and risks associated with long-term use. Although it is generally considered safe, it can cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and a fishy odor in the urine, sweat, and breath.

In addition, prolonged use of L-carnitine injections at high doses may cause an imbalance in the body’s natural L-carnitine production, leading to a decrease in endogenous L-carnitine levels. This effect can be temporary and reversed with time off, but it is still a concern that could lead to unintended consequences.

Therefore, to avoid these potential side effects and risks, it is recommended to take a break after a cycle of injectable L-carnitine before considering another round of dosing. The break period can vary depending on the length of the previous cycle, but typically it is advised to take at least a few weeks off to allow the body to recover and reset.