Stem Cell V Shot Treatment



Stem Cell V Shot Treatment

The Stem Cell V Shot Treatment is designed to increase sensitivity to the clitoris and G-spot areas, resulting in stronger orgasms. Men have the P shot for sexual dysfunction and now women have the V shot to get them to climax faster and easier.

How does the V Shot Work?

The Stem Cell V Shot Treatment works by taking blood from the patient to spin up into Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). The PRP is then mixed with 50 million mesenchymal stem cells and injected into the lips of the vagina and inside the vaginal wall. The Stem cells will regenerate tissue in the area and guide the cells and PRP to rejuvenate the vagina. This will result in more sensitivity and better sexual function.

The V shot is an in-office treatment, which takes about 20 minutes. The treatment is done by Dr. Miguel Romo a certified OB/GYN with over 3 years of experience administering the V Shot to many women. The V shot is the answer for women looking to boost a less than satisfying sex life.

Many women find that in their younger days they were turned on very easily, but by their late 30’s getting to the same level of arousal required so much foreplay that they are ready to give up. Many have tried over the counter lubricants and found that they just don’t last. The stem cell V shot will increase your own natural lubrication and provide more sensitivity so that getting to orgasm is the norm and not the exception.

Is The Stem Cell V Shot Treatment safe?

Yes, The stem cell V Shot Treatment is safe. No side effects have been reported.

Is The Stem Cell V Shot Treatment Painful?

Everybody has a different pain tolerance, but the stem cell V Shot creates little to no pain. The areas are numbed with a topical anesthetic cream. Dr. Romo is skilled and precise with his years of experience administering the stem cell V shot so the procedure is over very fast.

What can I expect immediately after getting The Stem Cell V Shot Treatment?

You may experience swelling of the area that has been injected that may cause extra sensitivity. The swelling will go down within a few days after the treatment. We provide all patients with a special cream which almost always prevents any swelling, but will quickly dissipate the swelling if it were to occur.

How long does it take to work?

Results from the stem cell V Shot Treatment vary with each woman, but most see a difference in a few days and others can take weeks.

What results can I expect following The V Shot?

Most women will experience increased sensitivity of the clitoris and G spot area resulting in stronger and multiple orgasms. Typically this may take up to 4 weeks. As with any medical treatment some patients do not experience a notable difference, but are still a candidate for a repeat injection. Women who have never had an orgasm have reported being multi-orgasmic following one stem cell V shot. This has been reported with patients even in their 70’s.

How long does The V Shot Treatment last?

The stem cell V Shot Treatment can last for many years. The stem cells themselves can survive in the area for 8 months to a year. This means that healing and rejuvenation will continue in the area for up to a year. The stem cells create real cellular rejuvenation and regeneration. This means that they actually heal the muscle and tissue issues in the area. Once that tissue is healed, it stays healed until it wears out again. It took this many years to wear out so it should take many years to wear out again. We do our best to heal the underlying issues here at dream body clinic so that you don’t have to come back for a very long time if ever.

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