The Stem Cell P-Shot



The Stem Cell P-Shot consists of 50 Million Mesenchymal Stem Cells mixed with activated Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

The P shot is for increased sexual performance and more sensual orgasms. You have no idea how much sensation you have lost until you get it back. The best way to describe it is that it is like being 15 again. The increased sensation is very profound for the first 3 to 6 months post treatment.

This procedure is administered by our head physician. He was trained on the technique 3 years ago and has been administering the stem cell P shot for that long.

How is the Stem Cell P Shot Administered?

  1. Lydocaine cream is applied to the base of the shaft to numb the area
  2. The 50 million Stem Cells + PRP are separated into 2 syringes
  3. The doctor then injects at the base of the shaft with the first syringe
  4. He then injects the other syringe at the base of the opposite side

When will I see Results?

Patients are experiencing benefits as fast as a few days post stem cell P shot treatment. Almost all patients are reporting erections at full hardness by 1 month post treatment. The stem cells will stay in the area targeting inflammation and injury for up to a year so even if results are not seen right away, they can me seen months post treatment.

P Shot Study

12 patients had stem cells injected into their penis in this study.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as the inability to initiate or maintain an erection satisfactory for sexual intercourse and may have a severe impact on the quality of life. ED can be associated to psychological causes or can result from an underlying organic disease affecting erectile tissues. Organic ED is the result of metabolic and systemic changes in diseases such as diabetes and atherosclerosis or more localized causes such as direct injury to the penile neurovascular supply during prostate surgery

Recently, stem-cell based therapies have shown some potential to improve erectile function

Preclinical studies have investigated the use of intracavernous mesenchymal stem cells injections as a mean to repair the complex set of cell injuries and improve erectile function.

mesenchymal stem cells injection protected against cell apoptosis and improved erectile function and penile vascularization as compared to control, accelerated the recovery of neuronal (nNOS) and endothelial (eNOS) nitric oxide synthase levels, suggesting neurotrophic and angiogenic effects

Overall, mesenchymal stem cells injection significantly improved the majority of the sexual function scores at 6 months.

Overall, 9/12 patients reported successful intercourse with vaginal penetration on medication. Penile length was significantly increased versus baseline.

Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering 28 (2017) R. Yiou / Stem-cell therapy for erectile dysfunction

Read the full study here –

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