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The Testosterone Cream TRT Legal Fly & Buy Program:

1 Year Supply

  • 18 Bottles TRT Cream (150mg/g) 

  • Bloodwork

PRICE: $2,250 USD

Testosterone Cream 150mg for 1 Year TRT Packge

This is a 1 year supply of 150mg Testosterone Cream for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)


18 Bottles of 150mg Bio-Identical Testosterone, compounded into a cream

This cream is transdermal and can be applied anywhere on the skin.

Tired of Injecting Testosterone?

Testosterone Cream is one of the best alternatives to weekly injections. You simply pump the bottle twice and apply the cream to your skin. The most effective area is your scrotum, but arms or legs work as well. The only issue with arms is that when you sweat it can rub off on others you touch. This treatment will get you up to the same total testosterone levels as injectable Testosterone.

Blood Analysis

We start with a comprehensive blood panel to check health and hormone levels. We are then able to prescribe the testosterone cream.

Flying Home with a Year Supply of Testosterone Cream

USA law allows you to seek medical treatment abroad and fly home with up to 50 dose units of medication. It does not specify what a dose unit is so we can prescribe the cream easily to meet the law requirements. For the Rest of the world it is a 90 day supply and we can easily fit the prescription to match that. The compounded testosterone cream is very stable at room temperature and will last for over a year.

Health Benefits and Safety of Testosterone Cream for TRT

For the longest time we have been told the horrors of steroids. The science has finally caught up to the rumors and dispelled this myth. The VA, which is the military healthcare system in the USA conducted one of the largest studies in history about 5 years ago that proved TRT can be very beneficial for men.

“A VA database study of more than 83,000 patients found that men whose low testosterone was restored to normal through gels, patches, or injections had a lower risk of heart attack, stroke, or death from any cause, versus similar men who were not treated.”


Surprisingly it has been found that getting our hormones back to the levels of a peak performing 25 year old can help us to live and feel like a 25 year old peak performing man, but with the brain we have now to control it.

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can provide several health benefits for individuals with low testosterone levels.

  1. Increased muscle mass and strength: Testosterone plays a crucial role in muscle development and maintenance. TRT can help improve muscle mass, strength, and physical performance.

  2. Improved bone density: Testosterone is involved in the regulation of bone health. TRT can increase bone mineral density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

  3. Enhanced libido and sexual function: Testosterone is essential for sexual desire and erectile function. TRT can improve libido, sexual satisfaction, and alleviate symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

  4. Increased energy levels and reduced fatigue: Low testosterone levels can contribute to fatigue and low energy. TRT can help improve energy levels, resulting in increased vitality and reduced fatigue.

  5. Better mood and cognitive function: Testosterone has a significant impact on mood regulation and cognitive function. TRT can improve mood, reduce depressive symptoms, and enhance cognitive abilities such as memory and concentration.

  6. Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease: Low testosterone levels have been associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. TRT can help improve cardiovascular health by reducing body fat, improving lipid profiles, and enhancing blood vessel function.

  7. Improved insulin sensitivity: Testosterone plays a role in regulating insulin sensitivity, and low testosterone levels may contribute to insulin resistance and the development of type 2 diabetes. TRT can improve insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism.

It’s crucial to emphasize that the benefits of TRT may vary depending on individual circumstances, and the therapy should only be initiated after careful evaluation, diagnosis, and ongoing medical supervision. All of which Dream Body Clinic provides.

TRT Studies

How to get Testosterone Cream with Our Legal Fly & Buy Program

Simply click on the image below to learn how to book Treatment. We cannot ship Testosterone as that is illegal. It is only legal to seek medical treatment abroad and fly home with it. The USA allows you to return with up to 50 dose units while the rest of the world allows you to return with a 90 day supply. We write the prescription to match the law and then when you get home, take the suggested dose for it to last up to a year. We can prescribe 1 of these packages per person.

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