Mesenchyaml Stem Cells in Cardiovascular Regeneration Abstract:

Despite recent studies suggesting that the heart has
instrinsic mechanisms of self-regeneration following myocardial
infarction, it cannot regenerate itself to an optimal level.
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are currently being investigated
for regeneration of mesenchyme-derived tissues, such as
bone, cartilage and tendon. In vitro evidence suggests that
MSCs can also differentiate into cardiomyogenic and vasculogenic
lineages, offering another cell source for cardiovascular
regeneration. In vivo, MSCs may contribute to the regrowth
and protection of vasculature and cardiomyocytes,
mediated by paracrine actions, and/or persist within the
myocardium in a differentiated state; although proof of
cardiomyocytic phenotype and functional integration remains
elusive. Herein, we review the evidence of MSCs as a cell
source for cardiovascular regeneration, as well as their
limitations that may prevent them from being effectively used
in the clinic.
Key words Cardiovascular Regeneration . Cell Therapy.
Mesenchymal Stem Cell . Neovascularization

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