300 Million Stem Cells IV Treatment



300 Million Stem Cell IV Treatment

The 300 Million Stem Cell IV Treatment is most commonly used for autoimmune disorders or chronic degenerative disorders. The lab we work with has been treating these types of conditions for over 8 years. They have found that very high doses like 300 million stem cells gets the best results because it floods the system. About 80% of the stem cells will never get past the lungs and heart as everyone has so much inflammation there. The lungs act as a filter and this contributes to the loss. They are not totally lost though. The 80% still interact with cells in the blood stream. They can donate mitochondria to cells in need and can send out cytokines to immune cells. Immune cells like B Cells, T Cells, Macrophages and Killer Cells all benefit from the cytokines. The cytokines are like anti-virus software that fixes any broken code in these immune cells and gets them working properly. This give the patients immune system a fix instead of just treating symptoms.

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  • Full Blood Panel
  • 300 Million Mesenchymal Stem Cell IV


  • Phone Consultation – Call (833) 445-9089
  • We require patients to be in Puerto Vallarta for 4 days
  • Day 1 – Arrive and Rest
  • Day 2 – Blood Panel
  • Day 3 – Treatment of 300 million stem cells
  • Day 4 – Fly Home
  • We only do treatments Tuesday – Saturday as the lab only cultivates stem cells Monday – Friday and we prefer to administer the stem cells within 24 hours of cultivation
  • To book email your flight itinerary, hotel name and what treatments you want to info@dreambodyclinic.net
  • We provide all Airport and Clinic Transportation

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Side Effects or Risks

The only side effects that have been documented are the following:

  • 1 in 100 people will experience a slight fever and/or headache for a few hours after treatment or the next day.

Our lab has over 8 years specializing in Mesenchymal Stem Cell research. Our lab has done a maximum of 1 billion stem cells via IV with no negative side effects. See Stem Cell Certification by Clicking Here.

As with any medical treatment, there is no guarantee of success.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem Cells are parent cells capable of regeneration & differentiation into a range of specialized cells. Once injected, stem cells follow inflammatory signals from damaged tissues. They send out signalling proteins, cytokines and trophic factors to influence Repair Cells.

The mesenchymal stem cells we use are Multipotent. Multipotent means: they can transform into different cell types but not an organ In the body, these cells Do NOT function by transforming into different cell types or tissues. They act via anti-inflammatory activity, immune modulating,and ability to stimulate regeneration.

Why do we need Mesenchymal Stem Cells?

As we age we have fewer Mesenchymal Stem Cells in our bodies. In fact by the time we reach bone maturity, we only have 10% of the stem cells that we previously had. As we age some of the remaining stem cells die. The older we get, the fewer stem cells we have. Without enough stem cells to guide the T-cells Our immune system suffers. T-Cells get confused without sufficient stem cells Stem Cells send out Cytokines which re-program the Immune Cells to work Properly.

How do Stem Cells Influence Repair & Regeneration?

The Stem Cell IV Treatment will influence cellular repair by sending out signalling proteins. Mesenchymal Stem Cells can also heal Nerves by sending out Trophic Factors. Dreambody Clinic Stem Cell IV Treatment can be used to Repair Nerve damage and Neuropathy Stem Cells send out Cytokines which re-program the Immune Cells to work Properly.

Stem Cells also influence cellular repair by sending out signalling proteins. The Stem Cells act as the managers and help your repair cells rebuild tissue without fibrosis. Stem Cells also guide the repair cells to repair micro scarring so that real repair can take place. Mesenchymal Stem Cells allow your body to heal itself the right way, like it did in your youth.

What Can Stem Cells Heal?

Stem cells can heal Joint Issues. Torn ligaments, Tendons and Cartilage. These repairs typically do not require the stem cell IV treatment, but instead a direct injection to the joint.

Autoimmune Diseases like Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and other diseases can be treated with the stem cell IV. For a full list just look at our treatments page.

For Anti-Aging, Telomere extension can be done with Stem Cell IV Treatment. For external anti-aging the stem cell facial treatment is best.

Stem Cells can heal Chronic Degenerative Diseases like COPD, Heart Issues, Alzheimer’s and more Our Lab has over 8 Years experience with Mesenchymal Stem Cells.


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