Hashimoto’s Disease Stem Cell Treatment



Hashimoto’s Disease Stem Cell Treatment

Until now there has been no real treatment that could eliminate the symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease (Hashimoto Thyroiditis). Mesenchymal Stem Cells have now been found to treat Hashimoto’s Disease with great success. The 300 million stem cell IV targets the immune system by sending out cytokines which essentially reprogram the immune cells to work properly. This gets the immune cells to stop attacking the thyroid and instead protect it. This takes care of the route cause of the disease instead of just treating the symptoms. Most patients start reducing their thyroid medications on a monthly basis post treatment with the majority of patients no longer needing medication 3 to 6 months post treatment. We follow the 300 million stem cell IV with a direct injection of 25 million stem cells directly into the thyroid.

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Hashimoto’s Disease Stem Cell Treatment

People with Hashimoto’s Disease disease patients have their thyroid destroyed by this autoimmune disease. Some people develop Hypothyroidism which leads to weight gain and other issues. Eventually the thyroid shrinks in size and works worse and worse. Dreambody Clinic has treated many people with Hashimoto’s Disease through mesenchymal stem cell treatment.


  • Blood Panel to give you a baseline to compare and measure effects
  • 300 million mesenchymal stem cells via IV
  • 25 million mesenchymal stem cells injected directly into the thyroid

The first day you arrive is to settle in and rest. You fast that night and next morning until we do a blood panel around 8 or 9am. We also need to know what medications you are on as some medications need to be stopped for a few days leading up to this treatment. For the stem cells we need you to stop taking any Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) a week before getting stem cell treatment. You can use them afterwards. The most prominent NSAIDs are aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen Here is a breakdown of what NSAID’s – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nonsteroidal_anti-inflammatory_drug. We need at least 3 day notice to have treatment ready for you as the cells are only viable for 4 days from when we receive them.

Hoshimoto’s Disease stem cell treatment Studies

Step by Step Hoshimotos’s Disease Stem Cell Treatment

  1. 300 million mesenchymal stem cell IV administered (Takes about an hour and a half)
  2. 25 million stem cells injected into the thyroid

Side Effects or Risks

The only side effects that have been documented are the following:

  • 1 in 100 people will experience a slight fever for a few hours after treatment

Our lab has over 8 years specializing in Mesenchymal Stem Cell research. Our lab has done a maximum of 1 billion stem cells via IV with no negative side effects. See Stem Cell Certification by Clicking Here.

As with any medical treatment, there is no guarantee of success.

Can HGH be combined with Stem Cell Therapies?

HGH + Hashimoto’s Disease stem cell Treatment = no more thyroid medications!

The stem cells act like the foreman on a construction site by directing the immune cells to areas of inflammation. They then coordinate everything to avoid scarring and repair tissue. Your body is amazing at healing itself, it just needs these stem cells to direct traffic. The HGH converts to IGF-1 which is used to repair tissue. With the stem cells directing repair and giving the IGF-1 a clear path to fix things you heal in record time. HGH is well known for aiding thyroid function.

You get that vigor and energy back. You start moving and feeling like a 20 year old version of yourself again. Your skin and facial appearance improves dramatically. You heal muscles faster which leads to great strength gains. It is pretty much the perfect combo to live as long as possible and feel the best. You can also get HGH from dreambody.clinic, just check out Norditropin HGH Package, Genotropin HGH or Humatrope HGH Package.

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For all stem cell procedures we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Cash or Crypto Currency at our clinic in the Joya Hospital Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.

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