This study reviews how Mesenchymal Stem Cells Cooperate with Bone Marrow Cells in Therapy of Diabetes. At Dream Body Clinic we use mesenchymal stem cells administered at 300 million MSCs in an IV for the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. Learn more about dream body clinic’s type 2 diabetes stem cell therapy here.

ABSTRACT : Mesenchymal Stem Cells Cooperate with Bone Marrow Cells in Therapy of Diabetes

Several recent studies have suggested that the adult bonemarrow harbors cells that can influence -cell regenerationin diabetic animals. Other reports, however, have contra-dicted these findings. To address this issue, we used ananimal model of type 1 diabetes in which the disease wasinduced with streptozotocin in mice. Freshly prepared sex-mismatched bone marrow cells (BMCs) and syngeneic orallogeneic mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) were concomi-tantly administrated into sublethally irradiated diabeticmice. Blood glucose and serum insulin concentrations rap-idly returned to normal levels, accompanied by efficienttissue regeneration after a single injection of a mixture of 106BMCs per 105MSCs. Neither BMC nor MSC transplan-tation was effective alone. Successful treatment of diabeticanimals was not due to the reconstitution of the damagedislet cells from the transplant, since no donor-derived-cellswere found in the recovered animals, indicating a graft-initiated endogenous repair process. Moreover, MSC injec-tion caused the disappearance of  -cell-specific T lympho-cytes from diabetic pancreas. Therefore, we suggest thattwo aspects of this successful treatment regimen operatein parallel and synergistically in our model. First, BMCsand MSCs induce the regeneration of recipient-derivedpancreatic insulin-secreting cells. Second, MSCs inhibitT-cell-mediated immune responses against newly formed-cells, which, in turn, are able to survive in this alteredimmunological milieu. Thus, the application of this ther-apy in human patients suffering from diabetes and/orother tissue destructive autoimmune diseases may be fea-sible. STEM CELLS 2008;26:244–253

Mesenchymal Stem Cells Cooperate with Bone Marrow Cells in Therapy of Diabetes